Jacobi & Chamberlain LLP attorneys provide counsel to individuals, partnerships, small, midsized and large businesses and non-profits. We can advise you on the best structure for your business, register your new domestic or foreign entity with the Massachusetts Secretary of State, draft your Operating Agreement and By-Laws and file your annual reports.

Suffolk County Superior Court, Boston, MA

We also have extensive experience in internal corporate governance and negotiating a wide-range of business deals, from simple contracts and commercial leases to more complex matters.

Our highly skilled attorneys and paralegal have over 80 years of combined experience establishing business and non-profit entities, drafting corporate, partnership, LLC and other documents, negotiating business deals and advising corporate and other business clients.

Our goal is to enable you and your business to succeed, to maximize profits and to protect your interests. Having solid business agreements and air-tight contracts are critical to avoiding costly future litigation. You and your business need sound legal advice. The investment upfront will pay dividends when issues arise down the road.

One of the most common mistakes our clients make before they seek our services is that they failed to consult with highly skilled attorneys prior to entering into business deals. Having poorly drafted documents that leave grey areas and uncertain results can lead to costly litigation. We will work with you to ensure that if problems arise in the future, your business is protected.