Jacqueline M. Cronin

Jacqueline M. Cronin is Of Counsel who started at the firm in 2005, after working as a real estate attorney on Cape Cod. Prior to that time, Jacqueline helped design, establish, and run a bed & breakfast in Sandwich Village, where she also obtained her realtor’s license.

Jacqueline represents clients in family law matters, including contested and uncontested divorce, parenting and support agreements for unmarried parents, modifications and contempt actions. She works to resolve these matters amicably, if possible, and through trial, when necessary. Jacqueline is also an exceptional civil litigator with extensive experience handling personal injury cases through negotiations, mediation and trial in the Massachusetts state courts.

Jacqueline recently settled a divorce case involving a family with six children, with no contested hearings. She aims to minimize the emotional toll contested divorces have on children, while aggressively representing her clients.

After graduating from Suffolk University Law School, Jacqueline incorporated several nonprofit organizations, including The Emancipation Network, an international organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery, where she served on the board of directors.

Jacqueline’s volunteer experience includes teaching English as a Second Language at Park Street Church and working in India with El Shadda Charitable Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating street children and maintaining orphanages.

Jacqueline values intercultural experiences, having herself been a Rotary International exchange student in Denmark, supporting her children as they have studied abroad as exchange students with Rotary International and the Lions Club, and having hosted exchange students. Jacqueline is a member of Grace Chapel in Lexington. Jacqueline resides in Needham, MA and has a daughter and two sons.